Seminoe State Park

The largest reservoir at a Wyoming state park, Seminoe covers more than 20,000 acres. Its name is not related to "Seminole," but rather is an Americanization of "Cimineau," the name of an early French trapper.

Totaling more than 2,500 acres, Seminoe State Park has three campgrounds and one small day-use area, both on the western shore of the reservoir.

The reservoir is part of a 60-mile North Platte River corridor famed for fishing. Anglers at Seminoe do well with trout and walleye, especially in June and July.

Twelve miles north of the park is the renowned "Miracle Mile," a stretch of the North Platte whose blue-ribbon trout lure fly fishermen from around the world.

The reservoir is also popular with recreational boaters, waterskiers and an increasing number of windsurfers and sailors. Supplementing the park's boat ramps is a for-fee ramp at the Seminoe Boat Club at Coal Creek Bay, near the park's day-use area. The club also has fuel, supplies and a few full-hookup RV slots.

Seminoe State Park also attracts wildlife watchers. Bighorn sheep, elk, moose, mule deer, antelope, prairie dogs, mountain lions and bobcats live here. Birds include eagles and a variety of waterfowl.

The park has 115 campsites, but many are long enough to accommodate more than one RV. Facilities are basic and many sites become inaccessible in winter weather.
  • HCR 67 Box 30
  • Sinclair , WY 82334
  • Wyoming
  • Open Year-Round
  • Entry Fee Charged.
  • (800) 496-9077
  • (307) 320-3013

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