Curt Gowdy State Park

Curt Gowdy State Park, named after the popular ABC sportscaster, was established in 1971 on lands once used for camping and hunting by several Native American tribes.

The park is 23 miles from Cheyenne on the Happy Jack Road, whose 38 miles wind through midwestern grasslands and the rocky foothills of the Laramie Range. Park terrain includes rolling hills and meadows punctuated with sharp granite outcroppings.

The park's 3,400 acres include three reservoirs. Boaters, canoeists and anglers use both, while the larger Granite Reservoir is also open to waterskiers. The reservoirs are stocked, and the fishing for kokanee salmon, perch and trout (German brown, rainbow and lake) is great.

Services are provided from May through September, but camping is available year-round. Campsites divided among several campgrounds, all but one of them at Granite Reservoir.

Hikers and equestrians may also strike out across the hills, and camping is allowed anywhere with prior permission.

The park is a popular wildlife watching spot, with mule and white-tailed deer commonly seen while elk, bears and mountain lions are more elusive. There's also a wide diversity of birds.

Rockhounding is another popular activity. Other attractions include Hynds Lodge (available by reservation), a nearby amphitheater, an archery range and a monument dedicated to the Ames brothers, who developed the transcontinental railroad.
  • 1319 Hynds Lodge Road
  • Cheyenne , WY 82009
  • Wyoming
  • Open Year-Round
  • Entry Fee Charged.
  • (800) 496-9077
  • (307) 632-7946

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